Evil Eyes

Growing up in Israel, the evil eye symbol was all around me. People would use evil eye charms for good luck or use them as decoration to bring good energy to their homes. If you’ve never seen one, look below for some images of traditional evil eyes. My upbringing heavily influences my work, and to this day I love to use versions of this ancient symbol in my jewelry.

Lately I’ve noticed evil eyes growing in popularity with everything from evil eye phone cases to t-shirts. I love this trend and I think now is a great time to write about the meaning and history behind this symbol for anyone hesitant to rock an evil eye!

One of my favorite things about the evil eye is that versions of it can be found in almost every culture around the world. From Brazil to Italy to Israel, the evil eye has been used in various cultures since the times of Ancient Greece. It’s truly universal and although it has a spiritual quality to it, it can be worn by people of any religion, race or ethnicity!

The meaning of the evil eye varies slightly based on culture, but the general idea is that the evil eye can serve as a talisman to protect you from negative energy and bad luck. By wearing evil eyes or displaying them in your home you are protecting your peace of mind and bringing good luck to yourself. It’s such a joy to make evil eye jewelry because it spreads positivity and can be worn by anyone. Click the links below to see some of my favorite evil eye pieces.